Finding your perfect team

The use of modern technology in recruitment has significantly aided recruiters when initiating their candidate searches. We are now able reach out much further than before; even internationally with relative ease and at little additional cost.

A good recruiter must know where and how to zone in on detail to ensure the perfect fit. At One Source TRS we utilise Social Media, subscribe to the best commercial job boards, advertise and are skilled in the various headhunting techniques. In addition, we strongly believe that market knowledge is essential to succeed in any industry and have found that by investing time in getting to know our clients and their respective industries we can refine our own recruitment strategy accordingly.

We also offer cost effective sourcing solutions depending on the seniority of the appointment, volume of positions and the size of your business.

The most common and widely used – pay on completion service

  • Permanent, Contract or interim hires on a FTC.
  • Clearly defined recruitment strategy
  • Delivery of a predetermined number of pre-screened candidates that have been matched in accordance to the brief.
  • Fees payable on a successful placement into your organisation.
  • No cost if you hire from another source.
Generally used for higher level appointments, for multiple concurrent hires or for smaller businesses looking to avoid working with multiple agencies on a one-off hire.

  • Client will be required to work with One Source TRS on an exclusive basis for a given time scale
  • Reduction in fees available
  • Recruitment strategy and time scale set with client
  • Interview process agreed on the onset of assignment
  • Representative from One Source TRS to be present at interviews (optional)
  • Fees payable at various stages throughout the assignment: on agreement, on CV`s submitted, the balance on successful placement.